Suci Cup 1 Year Anniversary
And we did it!
We did our darjah satu.
We made it to 1 year. Yeay!!


I remembered telling my team when were doing Refill Houz in September 2020, “We only have money to last us to Jan 2021. We have to get this right or we will run out of money before we even start.” I was determined but I was freaking s-c-a-r-e-d….


Fast forward today, it is 2022! We made it to more than 1 year! So so proud of our small little team. Pinching myself! There surely were tough and trying times, but there were most definitely many more good times that glued the Suci Team together to keep going further.


For a few weeks in the beginning, we camped out at Cyberjaya, either Fea’s home or occasionally Starbucks when we needed a breather. With our post-it notes, markers, whiteboards, we brainstormed, argued, apologised and ATE! Haha… we did this one best.


Where we went from one coffee shop to the next. Ultimate Nomad!


My most vivid memory was when we took all of our team including our families to stay at a hotel and discussed until 2am in the morning on how our brand was going to be like. Our logo, our packaging, our website…etc. Our husbands took care of the kids, while we were busy discussing up until the late nights. It was definitely something to remember even until years to come.
Strategic Meeting Suci Cup 2


Strategic Meeting Suci Cup


We received so many support from Doctors, Artists, Influencers, Family and Friends. We couldn’t have been here without the support we got from everyone. Some were scared to use Suci Menstrual Cup at the beginning, some took a little longer to get used to, but many, found that it worked wonderfully for them. And this is what keeps us going. It will keep us going now and hopefully in the years to come.


Fea and Izzati at Magic Cyberjaya
Izzati & Faizal at SETIA Program – Magic Cyberjaya


In ending, we are just beginning… and have so much more we want to do in the future for Suci. InsyaAllah….
Thanks for supporting us! 


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With Love,
Suci Sister – Izzati

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