First of all, congratulations on making the move to a more sustainable and more confident period! We are so proud of you #sucisister.

We just want you to know that the learning curve to using a menstrual cup can be steep – you may need 2 to 3 cycles of your period before it becomes second nature to you. 

But worry not, we are here to help! Once you get the hang of it, we promise you will never look back.

Just Remember These 4 Steps:



How to remove Suci Menstrual Cup


How to Wash Suci Menstrual Cup


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Wash the cup with soap and water


Sterilize the cup
Choose a method:

  • Boil water in a pan. Place the cup in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, making sure it does not touch the bottom of the pan.
  • Place the cup in a bowl/mug. Pour boiling water in to cover the cup and let sit for 3-4 minutes.
  • Place the cup in a microwaveable bowl/mug, add water to cover the cup and microwave on high for 3 minutes.


Let the cup cool down before use


Just a reminder, this would be more comfortable to do with short nails!


Wash hands with soap and water


No need to dry! Some wetness helps

If needed, the rim of the cup can be lubricated with water or a water-based lube to ease insertion.


Find a comfortable position 

We recommend doing this in the comfort of a washroom or toilet. Easier to clean if there are any accidents.

Squat, sit on the toilet, stand with one leg on a higher surface or simply stand up.

Experiment and find a position that feels comfortable for you.


Fold the cup

There are many ways to fold the cup, so you can experiment and find which works best for you. 

Some folds that work for us are:

  • Shell or punch down fold – we highly recommend this for beginners as it makes for the smallest tip, which can be helpful.
    Simply punch down one side of the cup until it looks like a shell and the tip is folded small.
  • C-fold
    Fold your cup in half so the lips touch and they form a C or U shape

  • 7-fold
    Fold your cup so the lips touch. Fold one corner of the cup down towards the middle of the base of the cup



It’s okay to be nervous! 

But do try to relax so your pelvic muscles are relaxed too. 

This makes the process more comfortable for you.


Insert the cup

Hold the still-folded cup and gently insert into the vaginal entrance, tip first. 

Do not shove too hard. If it becomes difficult, try wetting the rim with water or water-based lubricant.

Once fully inside, remove fingers and allow the cup to unfold.


Make sure it is in right

Once the cup is released and has unfolded, make sure suction or a seal has been achieved so it does not leak.

Rotate, twist or wiggle cup by the stem to help the cup completely unfold. 

Touch the base with your finger and make sure it feels smooth with no noticeable folds.


Double check

Gently pull the stem. 

If there is resistance and the cup stays put, suction or a seal has been achieved.


Wear for up to 10 hours

Work, play, chill, sleep confidently for up to 10 hours. 

Suci Cup’s got you.

Though you can use your Suci Cup for up to 10 hours, experiment and find what time intervals for removal are best for you. Many women find emptying every 6 or 7 hours for the first 3 days and then every 10 hours afterwards is a good starting point. Once you know your period better, you will find your sweet spot!


Wash hands with soap and water


Find a comfortable position 

We recommend removing the cup in a washroom or toilet. 

Squat, stand with one leg on a higher surface or stand. We highly recommend sitting on the toilet, though, just to avoid any messes!


Bear down 

Squeeze your pelvic muscles. This can feel pretty similar to when you are doing a number 2.  

This will help push the cup towards the vaginal entrance.


Break suction

Gently pull the stem until you can feel the base of the cup.

DO NOT PULL OUT THE CUP ENTIRELY BY THE STEM. You must first break the suction or seal.

Once you can feel the base of the cup, pinch the base of the cup to break suction. 

You may hear a ‘pop’! No worries. This is normal.


Remove the cup

While still pinching the base of the cup, pull the cup out slowly to avoid spillage.


Empty the cup

Empty contents of cup directly into the toilet. 

Don’t forget to flush!


Rinse the cup

Rinse the cup with water. 

Drying the cup is not necessary if you are reinserting.


Reinsert and repeat

Simply follow the insertion and removal steps for a confident period cycle!

Once your period cycle is over, follow these steps to keep your Suci Cup safe till the next cycle.


Wash the cup with soap and water


Sterilize (see How To Prepare Your Suci Cup At Start Of Cycle)


Dry with a towel


Keep safe in the cotton pouch provided