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How To Use Suci Cup

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Fold, Insert & Wear for Up to 10 Hours

How to remove Suci Menstrual Cup

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How to Wash Suci Menstrual Cup

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Rinse & Repeat

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Do You Have Questions?

Will it fit?

The Suci Cup will fit comfortably if you choose the right size and use the right insertion techniques. Once inside, it unfolds and sits in your vaginal canal, moulding to the shape of your body. 

Read our size guide to learn more.

Can I use it to go swimming?

Yes! When used correctly, the cups airtight seal prevents leakage when inside and outside the pool.

How do I know if it is leaking ?

If you have never used a tampon or had intercourse, it can be uncomfortable at the start. The key is to relax so the muscles are not tense. FInd your most comfortable position. You can wet the cup with water or use a water-based lubricant for some help. After some practice, it will get easier.

I am a virgin. Can I use a menstrual cup?

We believe the insertion of period care technology into one's body to manage period flow is not a sexual act, therefore it does not interfere with one's virginity. See FAQs for a more detailed discussion on this topic.

Also used by our #girlcrushes!

Its so liberating. Rasa free! Can swim, sleep dah macam tak period. Malam bila tido dia tak mengalir… macam selalu kita kena pakai long pad kan.. Sampai macam rasa eh aku ni period ke tak..

Yasmin Hani / Instagram

Kelebihan yang fya rasa sendiri bila menggunakan @sucicup
– dapat elakkan infection vaginal
-Save duit dan save the planet, less waste.
-senang nak travel tak payah nak kene standby banyak pad time heavy flow. 👍 Sangat memudahkan!

Lufya / Instagram

Material dia lebih flexible so time nak pakai lebih selesa. Holder Suci Cup ni lebih pendek dan tak pointy, so sangatlah selesa. So now Suci Cup dah jadi my fav!

Farah Lee / Instagram

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