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What People Say About Suci Cup

Been trying out various reusable cups and this one from SUCI CUP is the best! Honestly, they’re much more comfy than pads, which are hot and stick.Once you get it in there, you won’t even notice it’s there for the whole day.

Xin Yu Lim / Facebook

Better period with @sucicup. I have been longing to have a freedom during my period. No pads, no tampons. Swimming happily during period. This answers all my doubts. I was so worried about going into the competition with period, but this menstrual cup has been a big game changer in my life.

@bennyyenny / Instagram

I seriously love this cup… Super comfyMasa nak insert & nak keluarkan je takut sikitOther than that, everything is great

@kyra_kyrana / Instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a virgin, can I use Suci Cup?
Which size should I choose?
Can the Suci Cup get 'lost' inside my body?