Lips Carpenter – 3 Essentials For Perfect Lips Gift Set


Suci Cup x Lips Carpenter


LIMITED OFFER: The Self-Care Besties Bundle that keeps moisture where it should be 😉

This International Women’s Day, take your period self-care to the next level with our Suci Cup x Lips Carpenter set! Your lips need the moisture, but your private area does not – have a more Confident Period with Suci Cup and Lips Carpenter.

Lips Carpenter 3 Essential for Perfect Lips Gift

  • Handmade in Malaysia
  • Uses healthy and natural ingredients, great for dry, dark and chapped lips
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Choose this and get:

  • 1x Midnight Recovery Lip Balm
  • 1x Tinted Lip Balm (of your choice)
  • 1x Overnight Intensive Moisture Lip Mask

Lip Mask (15ml)

  • How to use? – Apply generous amount onto lips and massage in spiral motion. Leave it on overnight.
  • Why massage in spiral motion? – It can soften the dead skin and allow better absorption.
  • Extra tips – Keep away from heat and sunlight

Tinted Lip Balm

  • To hydrate & give instant energy boost!
  • How to use? – Apply multiple layers generously in circular motions from one side to the other for both upper and lower lips (i.e. 5-6 mini circles) throughout the day.
  • How to care? – Keep below 25 Celsius. Avoid high/low temperature and direct sunlight.

Midnight Recovery Lip Balm

  • To hydrate & soothe dry cracked lips!
  • Slightly more oily for smoother absorption.
  • Rich in organic coconut oil to moisturize lips with a pinch of peppermint for relaxation!

Our lip mask and lip balms are:

  • Synthetic Fragrance-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Nasty Chemical-Free
  • Eco-friendly

Click buy and get the moisture your precious lips need!